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Here is our selection of activities and places that we particularly enjoy.
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On site we love ♥♥♥: mountain bike rides or hikes, leaving from the chalets, towards Cénaret, on the Urbain V path, or in the surrounding area, visits to farms and breathtaking views!!!
Geocaching caches, hiking guidebooks available at the reception chalet.

we love it ♥♥♥

+/- 10 minutes : The town center of Mende, shops, guided tours of the town, the village of Chanac.

At +/- 15 minutes : The Causse de Mende, the Aerodrome (filming of the end scene of the Grande Vadrouille), Croix du Mont Mimat with a magnificent panorama overlooking the town, fitness trail in the woods, tree climbing, mountain biking park, Lazer green…

At +/- 20 minutes : Lake Charpal, Lake Moulin,

At +/- 30 minutes : The Villaret valley: Games, art and nature for children from 2 to 99 years old!!!
The Gévaudan Wolf Park : magnificent encounter with wolves
La Canourgue: tree climbing From the top of the trees
The Gorges du Tarn: Sainte Énimie (classified among the most beautiful villages in France) - Canoe trip to the spa resort of Bagnols les Bains, the Château de la Baume, the museum and the archaeological site of Javols.

At +/- 40 minutes : Scénovision de Saint-Alban: An original experience 😉 - the Bateliers de la Malène - La Malène, the Fiougage farm, the Cham des Bondons,

At +/- 1 hour : The Lakes route in Aubrac with its Burons…Przewalski's horses,
The caves of Dargilan and Aven Armand, the European Bison Park by horse-drawn carriage, river fishing - the Deroc waterfall, the beach of Lake Villefort - Mont Lozère, the Causse de Sauveterre, horse riding, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, La Chaldette spa resort or the Caussenarde farm of yesteryear.. .

Watch a series of videos on the different natural regions of Lozère produced by studio nature: Gorges du tarn, Margeride, Aubrac, Cévennes, Grands Causses, Mont Lozère and the Vallée du lot.

Guided hikes - courses and Moto Enduro / Quad hikes with our qualified guides


We are on the route of the Urban V GR® 670 path (which links Nasbinals to Avignon, 325 km).

We will be happy to help you organize your themed weekends, outings, visits and activities, according to your needs and desires. We will put you in contact with professionals, qualified guides to establish a program of activities. It is with great pleasure that we share our beautiful Lozère.

You can also come as a participant or spectator in numerous sporting, artistic or gastronomic events: the Trèfle Lozérien, the Marvejols-Mende, the Lozérien VTT, DH de Chanac VTT, Rallye de Lozère, hill climb, Gévaudathlon, Trail de Chanac , cycling tour of Gévaudan, the wine forum, cepe enthusiasts, the truffle festival, soup festival, 48th Street Festival, Detours du Monde Festival.

Our GOOD ADDRESSES and products from Lozère:

Ceps and mushrooms from Lozère: Champi Lozère
Jeans manufacturing workshop made in Lozère: Jeans Tuffs
Lozère beer la 48: Brasserie de Lozère

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